It is reported that the developer Jagex has acquired new ownership. Jagex is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has long-term operation of MMO RuneScape, and is very familiar with the game. But for heavier reasons, the US-based Macarthur Fortune Holding acquired the developer Jagex through the Platinum Fortune fund at a price of $530 million.

The studio had been under the ownership of Shanghai Hongtou Network Technology, a component of Chinese games giant Fukong Interactive Entertainment. Incidentally, Platinum Fortune has also bought up Hongtou Network as a part of the deal.

Jagex had been bought by Fukong in 2016, buying up all existing investment within the company for $300 million at the time.However, the last year has seen repeated speculation that Jagex was being sold to Platinum Fortune. This was denied not once, but twice by Jagex, though a deal was clearly on the table (and at the precise same $530 million price, no less) as Fukong sought to restructure it finances.

While the Reddit community speculated Platinum to be a Fukong shell company at the time, this clad to be baseless rumour. So now that it’s under US ownership, I assume we are able to put any conspiracy theories about Chinese data gathering and influence to rest, eh?

Now was an honest time for Fukong to sell though, with Jagex riding high on a 2019 that saw a high of 1.1 million subscribers across both RuneScape and old style RuneScape. This was additionally to old style reaching eight million installs on mobile since its October 2018 launch.

RuneScape has also just been bolstered by a spanking new Archaeology expansion in March, adding a brand-new skill to the sport for the primary time in almost half a decade and starting a fresh wave of narrative content for players to pour over.The number of RuneScape subscriptions has skyrocketed, and the number of players has also gradually increased. The new Archeology expansion in March also provided support for Runecape. I believe that the development of this game will become better and better. Now the GOLDRS website is selling OSRS Gold, which plays an important role in the game. The website is safe and reliable, and the sale price is low.

CEO Phil Mansell announced this exciting data report at the beginning of this year. Looking closely at these data, we can see that RuneScape is growing fast, and the number of game members and players has greatly exceeded the mobile installation of this game in the past. It has also risen sharply, occupying a very advantageous position in the field of mobile RS Gold games. Our development team has also joined many outstanding talents in the game industry, which has brought fresh blood to our development team. I believe these excellent talent resources will definitely bring us more innovative ideas. Phil Mansell expressed his gratitude to the game developers and fans who followed closely.