League of Legends: Wild Rift developer Riot Games began releasing a limited alpha test invites to the battle arena (MOBA) mobile multiplayer online games in the Philippines. Due to the popularity of the major PC title League of Legends in the Philippines, a mobile version of the highly awaited in the country - with some see it as a legitimate challenger for what might be the title of today's most popular MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Limited alpha test will run from June 6 to June 27. Players are advised to listen to during his period as a more inviting to be released as testing continues. This test will also take place in Brazil from June 5 to June 26 Register for a chance to earn an invitation alpha began in May, but is still ongoing. Registration is done through the Play Store app pages. Invitations will be sent via email.

To get into the beta you just have to have pre-registered for the games on Google Play and live either the Philippines or Brazil. From there, players will be randomly selected and invited to participate. more players will be invited throughout the test, so do not be too disappointed if you do not receive an invitation on the first day. If you want to buy League of Legends Wild Rift Account, we z2u.com can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Developers also spoke about the bugs that have recently occurred in the Google Play Store. Some people are able to see the install button on the game page in the Android store. Unrest explained that this is the fault of the developer due to deliberate a toggle setting that allows players to opt-in to the beta test early is not there. Players who are experiencing this issue may have to preregister again.

In addition,Riot revealed the minimum requirements for the games to run on Android and iOS. Riots ensure that it remains committed players to run the game on as many devices as possible. The minimum requirements for the games has been a slight increase from what they were revealed to be the last year, however.