We already know that although "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" shows seemingly beneficial health conditions, the black market is terrifying. But Polygon has now conducted a more in-depth study of Island sim's online marketplace to evaluate the most coveted items players are currently looking for.

According to Nookazon, the most popular items are Nook Miles Ticket and ACNH Bells, cutting board, Ironwood dressing table, crescent moon chair and fishing bait. However, Nook.Market seems to have a different customer base. Here, the cute bed head is at the top of the wish list, soft lights, pinball machine, floor lamp, cute DIY table, espresso machine, double sofa, king partition and cute sofa are ranked in the top ten respectively In the name.

In related news, did you know that the color of the airport roof may affect the color options available in Nook’s Cranny and Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket stores? According to a new assumption that pops up on Reddit, if the lamp holder is green and your airport roof is blue, your teacup ride will be black. Other items are similarly linked together, so if your Nook store offers blue and white striped lighthouses and Buy Animal Crossing Bells, your swimming pool will have white tiles and the vending machines will be black.

And, if you ever thought about it, is there a mode where you can see the visiting NPC during your the island of animal crossing: New Horizons, nothing more. It turns out that when your favorite visitors appear randomly, an algorithm does exist and the data miners think they have solved it.