In fact I put all my DBs and will blitz my front and cover 3 paths with one security. That's not unrealistic no linebacker or dB can pay multiple routes period, but asserting that it is some difficult thing would be amusing as it is not hard to do or master that I can instruct you in 5 minutes. In case you guys need this was required for Madden nfl 21 coins years now it's finally happening. Sad to see so many on the beta forum. Of course coming from cards will iNFLate that atmosphere.

I am fine with the usering being realistic but the shield in general outside of this is too underpowered. Safeties and corners take too long to react in zone. I scored except for ones that I have sacked or fumbles. Offense sometimes didn't react so there is definitely some bugs not recognizing the chunk is in the area, cpu defenders could be out of place and sometimes they don't react, although I agree the zone logic was pretty bad. Im not gont lie that the M21 beta was not enjoyable for me personally. The things they shifted are nice but total Madden 21 felt clunky and also the O LINE IS STILLLL AWFUL.

I played a couple of hours of H2H and was always getting screwed by way of a gappers from cover 0 nickel collection. Blocking that the Mike is, sliding the line, ided by the RB teams did nothing. Didn't even have time to throw flat or slants routes. It was refreshing to perform with the beta since of my paths weren't cutting off, and a crime could actually run. I ran against individuals who were still trying to play like it is 20 with sending 8 or 7 and seeking to consumer a security, not only did I torch that but my RB picked up his blocking mission. I had a few minor bug. Can't wait for the drop tho.

Is it as polished as other madden beta. Idk if you've ever engaged in a beta not though. Otherwise, I would say Madden 21 felt approximately 75% polished. My judgment is the realistic and most fluid I have seen in years. There a few hangs where the WR will let the ball hit them but that'll be patched. Precision passing seems fine tuned because the velocity of the ball now affects like throws and you may hit NFL against tight windows, and also the user LB is badly nerfed. They held on to balls a lot more frequently time I dropped them was once I got completely crushed as I grabbed the pass.

Run: barring an AMAZING o-line, interior zone activation is dead. You can just get a strong 3-5 yards. DL is responsive to it and discard. Very few times did I really have to develop and fill the hole. Strechs are more realistic runners can pick up yardage that is decent however you've got to use the ability stick to accomplish this, no just you have to work for this. Read options could be the meta tbh, however, your success depends upon you mastering the skill stick. The skill stick is amazing imo. My runners were quite receptive to it and are dreadful. Open area is were the art gap is currently gon na show. As a user defender I never got placed into automobile juke animation it's solely up to you breaking down and imagining correctly to find the tackle. CPUs on the other hand, ankles were usually turned off a combo that was fantastic to dust.The question really is: Why does mut need to cost money, like whatsoever? It ought to be another game mode if you want to to grind out. $60 with this hot garbage as a buy price is ridiculous as it stands, having in match purchases beyond this (that isn't purely makeup, we're a-ok with decorative micro trades ) is criminal. People wish to compete online and they are prepared to pay to do this in case it will help them win. The market value for one of the FUT teams in some contests were valued at about $27,000. A number of them are likely players that are professional and you tubers or celebrities or anything. All I am saying is if you've got someone willing to invest $600 on supreme team packs, if-so facto that basically means they could let 10 franchise only suckers walk off and cheap Madden 21 coins would they bat a watch?