Potential Solution? I still haven't worked all of the facts out (I'd love if anybody has anything helpful to add...), but here goes: In addition to OSRS gold World 16, have the following:

Earth 63. Runecrafters have something like: atmosphere tiara, X mentioned essence, X gp, several noted miscellaneous stuff each value 1000 gp (e.g. noted hardleatherbodies value 1000 gp, noted aluminum ore value 1000 gp, etc). Runners have air tiara, 24 Un-noted essence (not 25 Un-noted character ). Trade: Runners show intent by picking up the noted junk. Runecrafters trade 1000 gp and 24 noted essence, while Runners trade 24 Un-noted essence and the noted crap (returning the noted crap back to Runecrafter), making the trade revenue neutral. Runecrafters re-drop the noted stuff worth 1000 gp, then craft their 24 Un-noted essence, then return to their spot and shout"Open 1k".

Advantages: Runecrafters can craft more (not hindered from the trade limitation ) and gain more XP. Runners can earn gp for a longer time. Everyone benefits. Disadvantages: (1) Runecrafters now will need to acquire several noted stuff, but that isn't hard when you consider all of the junk in Runescape. (2) Need courteous men and women. There are the possibility someone could just run through and grab all of the noted stuff on earth, destroying Air Running for everyone else (preferably someone would not do this ). (3) Noted stuff sitting on the ground too long could disappear. A potential solution is for your Runecrafter to select up materials that are mentioned after a few minutes (therefore it would not vanish ) and re-drop the noted stuff.

Again, I have not worked out all the specifics. But does anybody like the idea of being able to do Air Running without getting stopped by the trade limit? Does anyone have any useful suggestions to make the idea work?

What"thing" in Runescape has enhanced your playing experience? Nothing beats teleportation: it is my favourite thing that cheap RuneScape gold Jagex has ever placed in the game. What's your favourite F2P"item" in Runescpe which enhances/enhanced your playing experience?