McDonalds has added over 200 billion dollars to their sales with their one line ?Would you like some drinks or fries with that??


Sales are made or lost by what is written in your online store. What you say and how you say it determines just how much merchandise is sold in your online business.


If your thank you page simply says thank you and then proceeds to finalise the ordering process you are missing out on some serious money that should be lining your pocket.


Why? Because that person has ALREADY made a decision to buy something that you are selling.


That person already has their credit card ready to make a purchase from you.


That person has already come to the decision that what you are selling will help them in some way.


So to make more money with no extra effort on your part let your customers (note they are not your prospects any longer) come to a positive choice when they go through the order process by assuming that they will incre*se their order by making another positive choice.


For example, Would you like an order of chocolate or vanilla ice cream with your cake? assumes that they will have ice cream already with their cake, they have to choose which flavour.


Would you care to order a red or white wine to go with that??


Would you care to order a copy of Autoresponder Magic or Million Dollar Letters at half price?? All these gives a positive choice. No matter which one the customer picks you win.


These questions are much better than a question that involves a yesno answer. By of*ering two choices it is generally assumed that the customer will make a choice between the two products on of*er.


What you say in your ads and when interacting with your customers is worth a fortune to you.


But only if you apply what you learn


Wouldn't you like to enjoy a bit of cream on top with a short paragraph on your thank you order page?


Any time an order is placed through your website just add the following line of script?


?Thank you for your order. Because your order is over XXX (be sure to make it just below whatever the minimum order price is so everybody qualifies) you actually qualify for our special of*er?.


Then briefly describe the special of*er (whether it be product or service) and the savings and benefits they will receive if they order NOW. Just this one little strategy can easily convert a $17.00 sale into a $30.00 or even $50.00 sale. If you're not using this strategy now I suggest you implement it right now. Leaving it off could cost you a fortune.


Move forward with a good Software to Plan your Resources Computers Articles | July 18 Womens Tre'Quan Smith Jersey , 2012




A company?s future depends on the decisions it takes. Decisions that involves saving time and money can be a factor that can lead a company to greater heights. An efficient resource planning software can be of a great help.





In a few years to come, a lot of changes will be evident in resource planning software. Watching the past trends, provable drastic change has taken place from simple accounting to huge investments of money Womens Marcus Davenport Jersey , time, energy and workforce. It is well understood that implementation of such software will help in reducing the risk and investment by saving money and time.


It is the time that managers should realize that planning resources in a framework is not very fit in the growing world. All projects in an organization need to be delivered on time with a well detailed budget showing optimum use of all the resources set aside. In most cases, this may became a challenge as maximum utilization of resources across all divisions of the on-going projects is required. Smooth Womens Michael Thomas Jersey , effective and a very simple environment is needed to ensure high standards are maintained. In the fast moving technology, it is required that the companies move with the pace, as it will help them in meeting the challenges on time. Now Womens Drew Brees Jersey , what is in the mind of many managers is how this can be solved? The probable solution to this problem is the implementation of an efficient resource planning software.


In an organization where no such software is in use, most of the work is done by a number of managers. These individuals are left struggling in allocation of resources and at last end up producing reports manually. On the other hand, most companies prefer the use of good software to plan resources Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Jersey , simply because of the stiff competition in the market. Today, everyone would like to save time, avoid confusion and frustration in managing company resources.


This type of software ensures that all resources with the desired skill and experience are listed against the requirement. It also allows future expansion of a company based on capacity of resources and ensures that the existing resources are being utilized to the maximum.




The software itself should assist in improving the company objectives whether short Erik McCoy Jersey , medium or long term. For short term goals, it should be able to schedule resources according to roles, skills Alvin Kamara Jersey , quality etc. and divide them for various tasks. Under this, metric of hours, days Marshon Lattimore Jersey , shifts should be established.


The software should forecast the shortages and excess of resources in advance as the primary mid-term goal. The current or the working resources must be counter checked and ensured that the performance is optimum. This motivates the company to work on the weaker area and stamp their authority on the stronger one.


As of the long-term goals, the software should be able to assist managers and the authorities to make important strategic decision considering the present scenario and conditions of the company?s resources.

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