The structure you are renting may be brand new or used. If the tent is used, make sure the position of the fabric is specified, so you receive a structure that suits your expectations. A tent that is used, but in excellent condition, will appear more than one variant, rated as appropriate or grade B. Also make sure that the tent rental company is supplying you with a clean tent as some providers may not clean their equipment. Every event.


Standard side wall heights vary by tent Rental Company. Some tent rental companies use the 7-foot standard sidewalk, while others use 8-feet. Larger tents look and even perform best with tall pavements. Inadequate pavement height can make a structure tight and does not provide sufficient airflow for large tents. Make sure the height of the pavement is specified and comparable.


Occasionally, tent rental companies will use multiple tents to provide the square footage specified in the proposal. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but for some events, it may mean working around the tents' secure structures in what would otherwise be a usable event space. Check that the number of tents and tent style is specified in your proposal. This will help you avoid last-minute adjustments to work around the wiring and stakes or load system inside your tent.


The duration of the rental can vary widely among tent rental companies. Depending on the size of the tent, some companies may provide several days on either side of the event period to allow you to remove installation and flexibility. Other companies may have very little flexibility and may be charged for early installation or late removal. Make sure you understand any additional fees associated with the rental term rules and exceptions from their contracts or offers.