Inside the Counter Strike: Global Offensive-universe are not only different weapons to play, they can look different aswell. If you wanna get your hands on some CSGO Skins there are different possibilities, we will be talkin about right here.

The Origin of CSGO Skins

On the 26th of April 2013 Valve released the first Operation, Operation Payback. With this operation-update CSGO Skins finally arrived in the game. By playing the operation-missions you could recieve a skin-case, which had to bo opened with a key. That key was only available on the steam market and cost a certain amount of money.

In case you got lucky you would get a rare skin out of the box. That skin could have been sold on the steam community market or be uses inside Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Since then the Skin-system from Valve didn’t change. Every now and then the developers bring some new cases with new skins to the table.

Skin-Trading and Gambling

With the rising popularity of skins websites popped out, that allowed cheaper trading, since Valve is getting a cut every trade. There were also a ton of scammers out there.

Additionally to the skin-trading-websites there were a ton of gambling-sites out there.

Steam, or better said Valve, tried different things to stop the gambling from happening. The latest solution to stop it was the initiation of a 14-day waiting-period after trading an object.

Get CS:GO Skins

To get your hands on some nice Skins you have a bunch of oportunities. The most common is to open cases and hope that you get a valuable CSGO-skin. Since this is basically gambling and you can’t be assured, that you get a valuable skin, this method can cost a fair bit of money.

The best opportunity to get the skin you want is by buying it straight away. In this case you have two different possibilites: Either you buy it directly at the Steam-Community-Market or at a trusted Skin-Trading-Website. There are lots of them online, but we can give you a list of some of them we already used and had good experiences.

CS:GO Skin-Websites

In case you have some skins you wanna upgrade, then you should use CS-Money. The website is trusted by many players and offers a great way to upgrade your skin-inventory.

If you don’t have any skins or don’t wanna use real money to get your hands on some skins, you should try your luck on Sliver. On that website you can bet on different bets and be the lucky winner of some sick skins.

Try CS:GO Skins for free

There was a way to try all the CS:GO Skins for free. But unfortunatly the so called !WS-servers were banned by valve and some of the Steam-accounts, that used these servers were banned aswell.

The only way to get your hands on some CS:GO Skins for free is by asking a good friend of you to borrow that skin for a couple of days. But remember: You can not trade the skin for another 14 days AND when you borrow your skins, ONLY HAND IT OUT TO CLOSE FRIENDS so you don’t get scammed.

Want to see all the nice and shiny skins in action? Go to the safe CS GO Skins for Sale site or Check below link: