Recently in Hack’n Slay Path of Exile, a player completed three challenges in a single game, winning him more than $14,000 in prize money. This has stimulated the enthusiasm of the players for the game. More and more people have downloaded POE for free in the app store, eager to get USD rewards or an enormous amount of POE Currency. Grinding Gear Games, along with streaming media Zizaran and sponsor Shopify, invites players to defeat boss monsters in Heist HC SSF mode, including The Awakener. The challenge announced a prize of approximately $40,000.

So what exciting challenges are waiting for players to complete in the game now? There is no doubt that these challenges can bring them shocking rewards. There are a total of 10 challenges for players to experience. The final rewards corresponding to different challenges are also different. For example, the first player to complete the challenge will get 11,000 USD, the second will get 6,000 USD, and the third will get 3,000 USD until the 45th player completes the challenge and still get 750 USD. The generous rewards make many players go crazy.

The POE player named Darkee completed three challenges by himself, and he was also the first player to complete the challenge. For this alone, he won the most lucrative dollar award. He also completed the First Atziri Kill and received another $750. He won US$14,250. He could achieve such a tremendous achievement, mainly with the help of the magical Essence Drain. This is a standard build that allows most players to master all the content in POE. This build is not tailored to specific content.

This shows that Path of Exile is an excellent game for people who love ARPG games. The game team will not only launch interactive rewards from time to time, but the game itself can also allow players to get a fully perfect and exciting experience. If novice players want to adapt to the game, they might as well go to Buy some POE Orbs and POE Items. Go ahead!