You know that I cannot deliver good inventory management news, and nowadays, Path of Exile makes it easier for you to classify all POE Currency. This is also a good thing, because any exile worthy of lingering has a lot of things.

The new "hidden" tab folder and association system was enabled today. Now you can organize the "Storage" tabs into folders to define any categories you want to define. You can easily drag tabs into and out of folders,you can create any number of folders,you can access the tabs through the tabs at the top of the interface or the PC-like multi-layer folder menu on the right.

Affinity can be set on storage tags and idle tags so that when you hold down the Control key and click in the list, items of the selected type will be automatically classified to that tag. You can set tags to have multiple associations, so multiple types of items will be sorted here.

The system can now be used on PC players, but it will take more time to implement it on the console. For more information on the new "hidden" tags and relevance system, check out the post on the "Path of Exile" website and find all the other content in today's update in the patch notes here.

Better classification allows players to achieve better results during the game, but when players encounter more difficult monsters, the most convenient way must be to Buy POE Orbs, which not only saves time but also solves the problem most fundamentally. A choice you shouldn't miss.