Ports update they are just essentially finally giving us exactly what they promised they'd gives us this season past Runefest and OSRS gold trying to pass it as some type of fresh update. They promised all new T85 weapons and gave us only the ranged ones. Hope they have the ability to do something cool with the Wilderness. So far everything they're released to revive the Wilderness was a disappointment like the Crucible for instance. Warbands has some success but it's very restricting and leaves the Wilderness living just for a few minutes everyday.

Zaros wasn't exactly involved in the main God Wars Dungeon; the main God Wars (that ended with Zamorak burning Forinthry and creating the Wilderness) began after Zaros lost his physique. After the struggle for the Godsword started, the armies just happened to drift into the temple in which Nex was trapped, and their action caused Nex to escape her trap. Obviously, she began wrecking everything and everyone in sight, along with the 4 factions combined to trap her again, now using the Frozen Key, which was split and everyone gained a quarter of.

Personally, I expect the next God Wars dungeon isn't just like the one in 07 scape where it is the same concept, but in the wilderness. I was not speaking about the first God Wars Dungeon but the actual second Gielinorian (or even only the primary God Wars) God Wars in which the Zaros faction was involved in despite Zaros' lack due to getting lost most of his power and having no human body since you mentioned. I was replying"What other gods were involved? It doesn't have to be a God Wars dungeon about past God Wars by the way, perhaps they are just going to make a dungeon for the existing God Wars.

Could even be related to this Tuska world event, from what I gathered from it it seems to me it will be the most important world event so far and may even last considerably more than the previous two. They even cite"there's likely to be some enormous, long lasting effects to buy RS gold the planet" that might well mean they'll alter regions of the landscape and add fresh battlegrounds/dungeons.