After being tested for a few weeks, World of Tanks 1.6 is now finally available. In addition to the introduction of a few new British light tanks, this new update removes friendly fire, improves the in-game interface for interacting with decals, and makes it easier to get the Object 279 tank. Obviously, there are also many minor tweaks and fixes, as usual.

The first of the four British light tanks that have been added to World of Tanks by the 1.6 update, namely the GSR 3301 Setter, can be researched by using the tier VI medium tank Cromwell — a favorite of many WoT players due to its excellent mobility and rate of fire. The successor of the GSR 3301 Setter is the tier VIII LHMTV, which does not come with any major changes and is a rather average active scout. However, the tier IX and X lights — GSOR3301 AVR FS and Manticore — are both excellent scouts with very high concealment and view range values. Furthermore,You can buy cheap WOT Gold at by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

In addition to the new British lights, World of Tanks 1.6 comes with reworked personal missions for artillery and for obtaining the Object 279, a more user-friendly interface for interacting with decals, a bunch of new decals and fonts, but the last important change that should be mentioned is the removal of friendly fire.

Until now, friendly fire — in addition to unlucky shots for both of those involved — was often used to let off steam by many users who were not happy with their teammates for various reasons or who simply had a bad day. Now, artillery hitting a friendly target can only stun it, without causing any damage. Other tanks cannot damage themselves by ramming or shooting at each other, but one can still kill a buddy by ramming his tank off a high cliff, drowning him, or by flipping his tank upside down.